At Redi Anvil, Safety is a culture – not just a commitment…It is first, last, always, and in all ways. 

Redi Anvil places a high value on the safety of our employees, and is committed to providing a safe workplace for every employee. Everyone at Anvil has made a commitment to Safety both in our work and our designs.

Our Objective? No One Gets Hurt-EVER.

Safety is No Accident

Our Safety Program for Injury Prevention meets all required State and Federal regulations in the areas where we work.

We follow an “If I see it, I own it” safety philosophy, so our program involves management, supervisors, and employees in identifying and eliminating hazards that may develop during our work process. If employees see a real or potential unsafe condition, it is their responsibility to report it to the appropriate people. In addition, before entering any onsite process facility, employees are required to complete a Job Safety Analysis.

We also participate in client safety programs and are members of recognized safety and health auditing and compliance programs. New employees are required to pass pre-employment drug and alcohol screening. In addition they must be able to obtain a TWIC, if required.

We are further committed to safety in our designs, incorporating all safety codes and regulations into functional, constructible designs. We focus on how constructors can safely build our design, and how the end product will be operated efficiently and maintained safely.

In 2020, Redi Anvil and Anvil reached a significant safety milestone by reaching 8 million hours worked with no time lost injuries.