Electrical Engineering

Redi Anvil’s Electrical Engineering Group specializes in new installations and upgrading aging electrical switchgear, motor control centers, and substations with new, state of the art equipment. Our designs often include modular, prefabricated Power Control Rooms to fit existing site conditions.

We provide comprehensive electrical engineering and technical services, ranging from studies, surveys, and reports to system designs, power plant design and construction documents, and final commissioning. We begin all projects with the end in mind, and carefully consider how to maximize safety, reliability, maintainability, capacity, and minimize facility down-time or outages. We strive to ensure we meet client needs and expectations.

Our team is expert at 480V, 5kV, and 15kV switchgear design, 480V and 5kV motor control center design, substation class transformer design, and design of ancillary systems. We have direct availability to productivity enhancing engineering software tools, including ETAP©, SKM©, and EZ Power©.

Our Electrical services include:

  • Substation Design and Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Electrical Reliability Plan
  • Pre-fab Electrical Modules
  • Prime power generation systems and standby power systems design
  • Switchgear and bus networks
  • Overhead and underground distribution system design
  • Power Distribution Center (PDC) switchgear and building specifications
  • Cable tray layout modeling
  • Cable bus design
  • Motor starters and motor control center design
  • VFD, soft start, and mag starter applications design
  • Facilities Power
  • Outdoor and building facilities lighting and power systems
  • Power and instrument cable management
  • Termination details and panel schedules
  • Induced current and sacrificial anode cathodic protection system design
  • Lightning protection systems design/Isokeraunic activity protection per LPI standards
  • Facilities and equipment electrical grounding systems design
  • Site assessments
  • Electrical brownfield verification and as-built documentation